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Summary of the press interview by the Bass Press with the Director General of the Divan

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A press interview was done by Bass Press with Dr.Abulrazzaq Othman Nawandaye, the Director General of Divan, and in the presence of Mr. Omar Ismail Mohammad the director of Relations and Media, the interview was on the influence of the financial crisis on cosmetic goods, not private things, , and after the questions and enquire of the press team of Bass press, here we have a summary of answers of the Director General of Divan during the interview:


Summary of answers of the Director General of Divan

If we compare the industry situation right now with the previous years, the number of factories was (3650) in the years (2013-2014), most factories stopped with the financial crisis, manufacturing process has been reduced, and the number of small and medium factories were operated in the years (2015-2016-2017) and will be improved with coverage them by importing,  and concerning companies partnership in the Ministry of Trade and Industry in the case we needed a notary's letter or any evidence to be sent by the Notary Public, and about the border the Director General of the Divan said:

As for the closure of the border, the borders of Iran have only been closed, otherwise the other was open. If any border in the Region is closed, it would be  harmed from 2 sides, citizens of the Kurdistan Region, on the one hand, and Islamic Republic of Iran on the other, And the market in the Region had enough material and stuff that not influenced by the financial crisis to a large extent, also the Director General  about how to grant the Ministry’s license to companies and import of materials said, in August of 2017 an import license with worth (544) billion was granted to all border points, as well as those who intend to invest and open factories, The Ministry of Trade and Industry will provide the land hereby (25) of 1992, as well as granting the loan is another item of the assistance of the Industrial Sector, but now because of the financial crisis, the loan has stopped, otherwise there is permission in customs, it also helps in raw materials and stuff, another point of the question was to take the tax in ( Othem City ) checkpoint on the road of Baghdad, Kirkuk, Erbil that will create us a big problem, due to the taking of tax and fee customs in the import of materials by the Baghdad Authorities, and the markets of the Region need to more coverage of the market excepting the Turkey and Iran borders, as well as Markets of Baghdad has an influence on the Region, And for the monopoly of Companies in the Regional Markets said: There is no evidence yet of company monopolies, in fact the market itself controls the markets and we are monitoring them continually by the Ministry’s higher Committee for monitoring and preventing the monopoly, The director general about the Ministry incomes said, that was (19) billion dinars in 2016 but the incomes was reduced in 2017, because of several decisions that increased the tax and reduced incomes.

Details of this interview will be posted at the Ministry’s website after being posted in Bass Press.


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