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Delegation from the Flanders Region of Belgian discusses developments of its relations with the Ministry of Trade and Industry

Reads 1568 , 4/23/2018

On Thursday, 19April,2018, a delegation from the Flanders Region of Belgian headed by ( Dr. Dlawar Azhgayi ) representative of the Kurdistan Regional Government of the European Union visited the Ministry of Trade and Industry , The delegation was welcomed by ( Mr. Fathi Mohammad Ali) The Ministry Adviser, ( Mr. Nawzad Adham) The Director General of Trade and (Mr. Omar Ismail Mohammad) The Director of Relations & Media of the Ministry.

During this visiting, discussions and follow-up were held on the economic relations of the Kurdistan Region with the Region of Flanders, In the near future a large trade delegation will visit Erbil and they will hold a meeting with the Kurdistan Regional Government and Chamber of Commerce, It is worth mentioning that the Ministry of Trade and Industry has an important network of relations with Regions and different places of European Countries, These relations will be added in the near future to the follow-up program and activate them through the exchange of information , meetings and workshops, at the end of the session, the guest delegation expressed their readiness to develop the relations further, in order to pay more attention to the joint work between them in the future.  


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