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The Wheat Purchase Amounts of Farmers will be distributed

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Today on Monday, April10, 2017 a press Conference was held at the Divan of the Ministry of Trade and Industry by Dear Dr.Abdulrazzaq Othman Nawandaee, The Director General of Divan and in the presence of Ms. Najeeba Najib, The Kurdish Parliamentary in Baghdad, Director General of Trade and Representative of the Farmers, It mentioned at the beginning of the Conference that in cooperation and coordination of the Governorates and Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources, Fortunately an amount of 875,000 Tons was received by our Ministry from the Farmers of the Region at a cost of 580 billion Iraqi dinars.
Then he focused on the efforts of the Ministry of Trade and H.E The Minister with the Iraqi Federal Ministry of Trade and the permanent follow-up of the Minister of Trade & Industry H.E (Dr.Ali Sindi), and after bringing the Iraqi Federal Divan of the Financial Control to the Region to speed up the process of receiving the dues of Farmers, as well the direct interference of the Prime Minister to prevent the impact of Political Provocation( Avoid Politics ), It was possible to allocate the dues of Farmers in amount of 222,959 billion dinars to the Region of 1,400 trillion dinars in 2016 and also 8,727 billion dinars in 2014 as follows:






   96,211          billion



  70,452            billion



  56,296            billion

Region Grand Total


 222,959           billion

It is worth mentioning that %38, 5 of Farmer’s dues in the Iraqi Federal Government, after cutting %2 of seed production, must be returned to the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources.
His Excellency the Minister of Trade and Industry warned all the Silos to prepare the Farmer’s Dues Cheques fairly, the amounts were transferred to the banks, So farmers can visit the Silos on Wednesday, April12, 2017 to receive their bank cheques, and all the farmers who sold the wheat to our silos will take their shares according to the voucher that handed out the wheat, they will receive %38,5.
He asked to pay the remaining financial dues of farmers as soon as possible for the three years which approximately will be 660 billion dinars.
He also thanked the Region Ministry of Finance to facilitate the transfer of that amount from Baghdad to the Region and distributed to farmers.
Also thanked the Region Divan of Financial Control and Iraqi Federal Divan of Financial Control for a full checking of the vouchers.
Finally, he assured the farmers of the Region that they will continue in all attempts to allocate the remaining dues to the farmers.
Then the Journalists questions were answered by dears Dr. Abdulrazzaq Othman Nawandaee and Ms. Najeeba Najib.


Iraq, Erbil


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