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Workshop on the Trademarks in the Ministry of Trade and Industry

Reads 1545 , 7/23/2017

On Sunday, June4, 2017, a workshop was held under the Supervision of Dear (Dr. Abdulrazzaq Othman Nawandaee), The Director General of the Divan, on the dimensions related to trademarks in the Ministry's Divan, The workshop was conducted in the presence of Mrs. Faten, The Director of the Abu-Ghazaleh Establishment and by the Trainer of the workshop ( Amir Khattab ), the Representative of the Abu-Ghazaleh Establishment.

It is worth mentioning that the workshop on the granting of information and the dimensions related to the trademarks to the Director and the staff of the Trademark and Legal Department in the Ministry's Divan in order to benefit from the information of the workshop and perform them in their daily affairs, while presenting and training the workshop, Several different pivots were presented between the Director General of the Divan and the lecturer delegation and staff of the Ministry and also questions, opinions and views has been answered.



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